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[Fanfic] Jealousy

It’s my first time posting here so…hello o-o’’’ my name is Nana and I loves KoyaPi for…forever8D I’ve actually been wanting to join this community long time ago but…-fail- was being lazy to type what I write while I’m in dorms so…yeah ‘^^ so hopefully I’ll post more in the future?=D


Title: Jealousy

Pairing: KoyaPi

Raiting: PG-13? –fail-

Genre: uh…romance…angst kinda-sorta o-o’

Author: Mitsuharu Nana[


Summary: Yamapi was never the easily jelous guy. And one day, he said he has nothing to

do with Koyama. [Nana+summary=sucks 8D]

Disclaimer: Sadly I don’t own Johnny’s, but it doesn’t mean I can’t have Yamapi as my god brother 8D –and Keii-chan as my evil ai twin >3-

Author’s comment: My first post to this community! ‘^^

I don’t think it’s what I wanted it to be at first…but I guess it’s okay too X’’D and it’s way not the first KoyaPi I wrote but it’s the first I’m posting so be nice >….>’’’ please?-chibi face- enjoy!



Yamapi was never the easily jealous type of guy. At least, in his own opinion. He wouldn't get mad if Keiichiro helped the youngest NEWS member to button his shirt, he wouldn't want to kill Massu getting that warm smile from the elder, he wouldn't get jealous when the other went on a dinner with Shige.

All that could be very nice if it was true.


"Okay, stop staring at Koyama." Ryo punched Yamapi's arm "I'm not!"

"Yeah well, you look like you're going to kill Tegoshi." muttured Shige "Or me." he added silently.

"You're SO jealous!" Ryo laughed as Tegoshi hugged Keiichiro, a thanking hug, and Yamapi's face went red and furious "AM NOT!"

"Even the juniors are aware of this, and they're so afraid that poor Keii thinks nobody likes him anymore~" Sighed Shige, blushing slightly as Ryo leaned his head against his chest.

"I have nothing to do with Koyama!" Protested Yamapi and maybe he was too loud, because the other second, Keiichiro looked at them, there was still a shadow of smile on his face but the look in his eyes seemed to be...hurt?

"Oh, Tesshi-kun, I have to go now, bye bye." He smiled a clearly faked cheerful smile at the younger and burst an "See you later guys," to the others before getting out of the room.

"Well done Tomohisa~" Ryo looked at him, annoyed "Maybe I should go and-" Started Shige, but his lover cut him.

"He did it, then he should go." Yamapi couldn't believe it, he didn't mean to say it this way, he just wanted to make sure nobody thinks he's in love with Keiichiro but it just came out like this.

"And maybe, somebody here would finally get over himself and even get the guts to confess." He added "SHUT UP RYO!"

"Said the one who had just made Koyama go and cry in the bathroom? Sure~"

Yamapi gave him last furious look before leaving the room, not before furiously murmuring "FINE."



Keiichiro locked himself in the toilet cabinet, he leaned agaisnt the wall, not bothering to hold his tears in anymore.

He knew Yamapi wasn't in love with him as he was falling for him, but he was at least...hoping, that the other man likes him, just a little.

I have nothing to do with Koyama! the echo of Yamapi's voice repeated itself in his head as his last hope was broken into small pieces, it was just too much for him.

Even the juniors were getting away of him and he heard the whisper behind his back, was he that obvious?

He was so burried into his own thoughts that he hardly heard the door opening and somebody asking if he's there.


"Ko-ah-Keii-chan?" Yamapi asked as he heard sobs "Keii-chan are you there?"

"I-I'm fine." Keiichiro tried sounding alright "Just...go back to your business. It has...nothing to do with you!"

"K-Keii-chan, look I...I'm sorry." Yamapi got closer to the door, he could clearly hear the other's sobs now "Please open the door..."

"No...just go already!"

"If you say..." Yamapi looked around, he entered another cabine, climbing on the wall that was spreading between the two of them, he fell on the floor next to a very confused and swollen eyed Keiichiro.

"I thought I told you to-" but the other cut him of, catching him into a tight embrace "I'm sorry...for what I said." He whispered

"'s alright, there's no need to lie to me, right?" The tears kept going down his eyes as he tried getting away of Yamapi's grip "Let me go..." He murmured but Yamapi just kept holding him, tighter then ever, as if he was afraid that the other would disappear into the air "Yamapi...?"

"The reason...for what I said back than...I didn't mean...I...I just didn't want them to know...I was...afraid of this myself..." The leader tried to put his emotions into words, he failed, he couldn't bring himself to say it.

Keiichiro's heartbeat raised as he realized they were so close "Please...let go of me..." He shakingly whispered, it was too much for him.

"I can't..." murmured Yamapi "I don't want you to run away again...I don't want myself to..." he took a deep breath before talking again

"I...I never got jealous easily but now...everytime you to one of the other's or help And...I's because...I love you." He finally burst out. Keiichiro could have passed out right there in his arms back then, was it really Yamapi, holding him there, in his stong arms, telling him he loves him?

Keiichiro looked at him, with his eyes still teary and swollen, he started crying again, holding onto the other's shirt, not able to force the words out of his lips.

"I'm sorry..." Yamapi murmured once again. The other man kept crying like this for what seemed to be hours, then he fell asleep, just like this, in Yamapi's arms.

Yamapi sighed, raising him up in his arms, unlocking the door and leaving the building before anyone finds him, he drived him to his aparment.

"Yamapi..." Keiichiro whispered, the leader looked at him, but he was still asleep sleep talker? he smiled to himself "Don't leave me alone..." a tear rolled down Keiichiro's sleeping face, Yamapi leaned above him,whipping the tear away gently, softly storking the other's face, then hair.



He didn't remember falling asleep that night, but when Yamapi woke up and didn't find Keiichiro on his bed he panicked, looking around. He got up, running to the living room, to his relief, he found the other man in the kitchen.

"You're finally awake..." murmured Keiichiro "Morning." he smiled


"You were asleep so I decided to make you breakfast as...hmm...thanks and apolegize for taking your bed tonight?" The man blushed slightly.

"Keii-chan...yesterday...I'm sorry..." But the other just shook his head and smiled shyly "I'm sorry for crying so wasn't your words that made me cry, well, it was's not you're fault. It's just that...I kept these emotions inside so you said just came out." The floor seemed to be much more intresting at the moment.

"And...I love you Yamapi." He softly whispered, still looking down at the floor. And the next thing he knew, was the other's lips pressed to his own, and it was just netural as that chaste kiss turned into something more that intimate, as they fell on the floor, not bothering to part.  



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