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[Fanfic] Don't Kiss me Because I Love You

Title: Don't Kiss Me Because I Love You

Pairing: KoyaPi [Koyama Keiichiro x Yamashita Tomohisa] (maybe mentions of NishiKato and TegoMasu and Akame? Just because it's me?X'''D)

Author: Nana (megu575)

Rating: PG-13(?@_@''')

Warnings: [s] my bad writing?8D [/s] Jin's love advices? >.>;;;; -because...well, it's Jin-

Chapter: One-shot

Summary: Keiichiro and Yamapi were hanging at the beach, Yamapi did something that made the other man cry. [as usual, Nana+summary=sucks 8D]

Disclaimer: Pi is my god brother. Keii is my devil ai twin. And it could be all great if it was true. -don't own ;--; - [s]I CAN STILL LOVE 'EM!!! O-O[/s]


"I have to..." Keiichiro looked at the tenned body from afar, the waves showered Yamapi's bare chest and shoulders, the sun made his skin look shinny and even prittier.

Of course, a day off on the beach was a good idea, but with Yamapi, Keiichiro's heart felt as if it was going to explode.

He looked up at the bright, blue, cloudless sky.

"Keii! Why aren't you getting it?!" He heard his friend's voice and his gaze traveled back to the other man "Nah...It's better here~" He lazily yawned

"Don't you get tired?" He added, Yamapi was now going straight to him "Well, kind of..." He fell on the sand next to Keiichiro.

"Are we going to meet everyone at Ryo and Shige's place tonight?" He asked, playing with the sand in his hands.

"I guess...Eh-Oi!" Just as Keiichiro looked at him, Yamapi threw the sand at him, he was grinning

"You bastard!" Keiichiro attacked back, and very soon they were already ticklng each other to death and laughing to tears. As they finally got tired, lying on the hot sand, trying to catch their breath, their lookes locked on each other, not saying a word, Yamapi just looked at Keiichiro's chocolate eyes. Their expressions got more serious as they got closer to each other, and Yamapi's hand traveled up to the other's cheek "You have sand here..." He whispered, Keiichiro just froze "Uh..."

"Keii..." Yamapi murmured "May I..."Keiichiro shakingly nodded before the other even got to finish his sentence.

Yamapi's lips were very soon gently pressed to Keiichiro's, who couldn't believe it was happening for real, wasn't this a dream come true of the falling man? He didn't even have to say it first and he didn't get rejected.

Yamapi's lips were even soften then he could ever imagine it. He knew exactly what to do, where were the points that made Keiichiro feel good, he sucked on his lower lips before pulling away.

There was awkward silence for few moments which seemed to be forever. They looked at each other and then to the sea, both blushing.

Was it wrong? Are they crazy? Why can Tegoshi and Massu do it but they can't? Why can Ryo and Shige spend long passion filled nights like this and they can't even look at each other's eyes now? And Yamapi didn't even like him... it hit Keiichiro right in the most sensitive point somewhere deep inside his chest. Yamapi didn't love him, he just kissed him, but it was just a kiss and nothing more...there was no chance it had anything to do with the other's feelings.

He didn't even notice when he couldn't hold his teards in anymore.

"K-Keii...? What's wrong...? D-did you get hurt? Keii?" But the other man just kept crying, Yamapi hugged him

"I'm sorry..." He whispered "I...I'll never do anything like this again...never..." He never meant to hurt the other's feelings, but gow could he resist? Yamapi was now mad at himself, he should have stopped himself before it was too late, but he didn't and now he made Keiichiro cry.

"I-it's not...funny..." Keiichiro managed to murmur betweeen sobs "Eh...?"

"You don't do things like this just to laugh!"

"Keii? Uh-what do you mean 'just to laugh'?" Yamapi was now confused, he thought he hurt Keiichiro by kissing him because the other didn't see him as anything more then friend or god knows what.

"Yamapi, you can't hurt me like this..." murmured Keiichiro, his eyes were red and swollen "You can't kiss me if you don't even like me...! because..." He took a deep breath, feeling the already cold air getting into his body, it hurt even more, but he looked at the other.

"Because I love you Yamashita Tomohisa...because for goodness sake...I love you. And it hurts."

He wanted to run. Right into the now getting darker sea, into that neverending blue and green, and never come back.

But Yamapi's voice brought him back to reality as he spoke.

"I didn't do it...just to laugh." His voice was calm now, and much softer then usual. "I was trying to tell you even since I realized it but...I just couldn't and...Jin said...well, that if I do something it would be easier and..." But Keiichiro stoppd him "You mean..."

"I love you too, Keii..."

And on the background of the dark beach right after sunset, they totally forgot about the others probably waiting for them at Ryo and Shige's place, they just layed on the soft, cool sand, in each other's arms, watching the stars as they started appearing right above them, up there, in the high deep blue, and there surely was a star for them, right there, between the star that was probably Tegoshi's and Massu's and the star that belonged Ryo and Shige, a new star was born, and this one, shinned right from the very first moment, it was all Yamapi's and Keiichiro's.



Omake(hinted akame8D -on crack-X'D) :

"You think they finally got over themselves?" Asked Ryo, not bothering to open his eyes as he layed his head on Shige's shoulder "Hopefully..."

"I heard Yamapi talking with Akanishi earlier." Mentioned Tegoshi "Akanishi gave him advices."

"I hope he didn't do anything of what that idiot said!" Massu's eyes went wide "I'm sure they did alright though..." The youngest smiled cheerfuly

"DID ANYONE SEE KAME?!" Jin burst into the apartment "Akanishi, have you ever heard of the...words 'being polite' or the verb 'knocking' with 'the door' next to it? anything familiar?" Ryo looked at him, annoyed "I think I missed that lesson Nishikido, because you were busy trying to kill me? anyways, have you seen him? He ran away!"

"Did you try to...maybe kiss him?"


"Because...Run Kamenashi Kazuya~ Run for your life~" And Kame got out of Shige's closet as the others made sure they caught Jin strong enough, he ran away, leaving a very poor Jin amoung 4 very tired and annoyed NEWS members. Who apperantly, weren't being nice when annoyed, or tired.

Later, he was found in bound in the garbage can by Yamapi and Keiichiro, who were just passing by on their way to Yamapi's apartment in a very early morning hour.



Author's comments: uh...I'm not sure X'''D but I think I kind of like how this one came o-o''' I've written this month ago? for Hikari-chan [my eternal weirdo&crazy roommate, Hikari-chan x333 -nana hates you 8D& wouldn't let you hug her >3- jk X'D] because she likes reading what I write during boring lessons >.>;;; -coughalmosteverylessoncough- and now that I typed it on my PC...I decided to post it X'D so...hopefully, enjoy!~ <333 =D and I wrote the omake yesterday just because I had to X''''''D I love Jin for being a baka 8DDDD'Type your cut contents here.
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