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my undying love for my otp koyapi


A/N:  hi there... 
i'd like to share this koyapi fic to you guys here...
i've posted this at 
jent_fanfics  for yamapi's birthday this past april...
but i was thinking if some of you guys would be interested in reading this....


Title: “SHIT!!!!! Who the Hell is Raping Me?” (is it?)
Fandom:  NewS
Pairing:  YamaPi/???, mentions of RyoShige
Rating:  PG / NC-17?
Disclaimer:  i wished i owned them....

Summary:  Just read on.  I can’t think of real summary for this except for it being my belated gift to all Yamapi Fans out there..... hehehe *bricked* 

 A/N:  I know it’s late for Pi’s birthday... but nonetheless I finished this.... and very happy.... weird as it may sound, but this is what I can think of for him after reading countless of Yamapi Fic.... and it is driving me insane....  unbeta’d.....

to koyapi

 hope you guys will love this....
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