akeru_world69 (akeru_world69) wrote in koyapi,

NEWS Hotel -prologue-

Title: NEWS Hotel
Chapter: prologue
Pairings: Koyapi, Nishikato, Tegomassu (main), others to come (akame, yunjae, arashi, kanjani....)
Rate: don't know, pg for now, higher later.
Genre: romance, a try at comedy?, AU
A/N: This is my first time doing a multi-chapter, but i'll try my best, i hope you are with me from the prologue to the end of this fic. I won't dissapoint you guys!! thanks a lot to all the people who commented in the other post and i'l be really happy if you guys comment here too ne??

And as always, COMMENTS ARE LOVE NE?? ^^

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