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[Fanfic] I'll Remember You ~Lost Memories~ (Chapter #1)

Title: I'll Remember You ~Lost Memories~
Author: Nana ( megu575
Chapter: 1/??
Pairing: KoyaPi [duh>.>], Akame [slight], friendship!KoyaShige, friendship!Pin, maybe future NishiKato and MasuTego.
Rating: PG-13 (for now..)
Genere: Well, it's supposed to be romance, but for now it's rather...agnsty but...I PROMISE ROMANCE!! later on...maybe even in the next chapter!! o-o;;; -doesn't like bad ending agnst >.>;;-
Wordcount: 1,813
Summary: Keiichiro is hurt in his head and is taken to hospital. When he wakes up somebody is holding his hand...but who is it?

It was all too sudden. One moment their were practicing and the other Keiichiro was laying on the floor, bleeding all over it, they didn’t even know where did the blood come from, face? Head? Maybe neck?

Tegoshi and Shige tried whipping the blood of his face, Massu on his part was trying to find the wound.

Yamapi and Ryo were calling the ambulance, well, Ryo was calling and Yamapi just stood there, anxious, not knowing what to do, all he could think about was what would happen if…? He shook his head as Shige called him for help “Yamapi can you bring water?!”

The elder rushed to do it. He usually didn’t listen to people that easily but it was for Keiichiro’s sake right?


Keiichiro was taken to the hospital about 15 minutes after he fell, connected to breathing machines, his wound, which was apparently on his temple, kept bleeding non-stop, but the doctors in the ambulance managed cleaning it and putting a bandage on his head.

There was obviously no place for all five NEWS members to fit in the ambulance so Yamapi looked at the unconscious Keiichiro and then at Shige.

“Shige, you go with him…we’ll…go after you…”

“What are you talking about?” Shige asked, pushing Yamapi inside the ambulance “Believe me, if Keii is awake, I’m not the one he’d like to see, ne?”

“But you’re his best friend!”

“And you’re more then that, okay? Now go and we’ll catch up soon.” Ordered the law student and Yamapi didn’t have anything left to do except sitting next to Keiichiro’s bed and taking a gentle hold of his hand.

The truth was they had a fight last night, for some reason, Keiichiro got jealous of Jin.


“Okay, I’m going to ask you for the last time Yamashita Tomohisa. Who do you love more, me or Jin?”

“What kind of question is this Keii? Jin Is my best friend and you…”

“I am what?! Yamapi I’m sick of this… you keep saying I’m more, but what is more? You never said what are we to each other. I can’t keep going like this you know!” Keiichiro couldn’t stop the tears from falling down his cheeks.

“I…Keii…we…” But he couldn’t bring himself to say anything, he himself didn’t know what were they, he just knew they were no more friends, they were more then that, but what?

“Keii, it’s the same if I ask you who you love more, Shige or me, you know,” He tried to explain there was difference between his relationship with Keiichiro and his relationship with Jin.

“You…if you asked, I’d say you. Not because Shige isn’t important to me, just because…it’s you. But I can’t blame you…it’s not like we’re a couple right?” And the pain and hurt was clearly seen through Keiichiro’s eyes. His eyes always gave him right away when he tried to lie, always, and that time too.

“Keii…” Yamapi tried catching him but it was too late, the taller man had already ran away, to Yamapi’s guess, either to Shige’s or Tegoshi’s place.


They haven’t talked since then, Keiichiro avoided looking at him, even for their duet line in Hadashi no Cinderella Boy. And he wondered if Shige was right but what if he wasn’t? What if Keiichiro would feel bad seeing Yamapi first thing when he wakes up?

“You can’t get in now. Leave it up to us. Please wait in the corridor.” Said one of the nurses in charge. Yamapi didn’t want to. But knowing he had to, he sat down, trying to calm his heartbeat down and breath evenly, he didn’t want to get himself sick too, right?

“Yamapi!” It was Shige’s voice “How is he?” he asked as the rest of NEWS came closer to the elder man.

“They said he lost a lot of blood, but they’re taking care of it now…he should be alright but…”

“Calm down. If they said he’ll be alright, he will be.” Said Ryo, it was rare for him saying something comforting as that, but all Yamapi could do at the moment was slightly nod and look at the door to the room where Keiichiro was placed.


“Yamapi, you should go home and rest…I already told his parents they can leave and…I can stay if you want-“

“I’m fine Shige, go home and sleep well. I’m staying here…I want to be here when he wakes up…” Yamapi slightly caressed Keiichiro’s fingers “You know, we had a fight last night…” He murmured, shaking slightly “I know.” Replied Shige, almost whispering, it wasn’t everyday Yamapi opened to him like this.

The elder man broke into silent tears “Go home…” He murmured towards the younger, Shige on his side nodded, knowing it would be better to listen to his band’s leader if he didn’t want to get killed later. He left the room, closing the door behind him not before telling him that if there’s anything needed “Call me.”


The first thing Keiichiro felt when he woke up, still not opening his eyes, was a sharp pain in his temple and then his whole head hurt. The second thing was a warmth around his right hand, was somebody holding it? He wondered who could it be, maybe his mom?

He opened his eyes, at first it was all blurry and dark, but his eyes got used to the darkness faster then usual and he could figure a man’s body sitting next to his bed, the man’s hands were holding his right hand, face buried into it. At first Keiichiro thought the man was asleep, but then he heard a soft sob and a whisper he could hardly hear.

“Keii…I’m sorry…don’t go…I love you…” and a tear was dropped onto Keiichiro’s hand, opening his eyes slightly, he coughed to let the other know he’s awake. He didn’t know the man, he didn’t even know what was he doing in that dark room, connected to machines, was it the hospital? And why did his head hurt so much? He was confused.



“How are you feeling? I’ll call a doctor right away-“

“Um…excuse me…could you…tell me who you are?” Keiichiro tried sounding polite, he didn’t understand why did the happy look on the man’s face suddenly changed into a sorrowful expression “You…don’t remember me?…Keii, it’s me…Yamapi!”

“Yamapi..? hehe, funny name…”

“Keii…you really…don’t remember..?”

“Why am I supposed to remember you? Do I even know you?”

“Keii…what about Shige? And Tegoshi? And Massu? And Ryo?”

“Of course I remember Shige…and Tegoshi…and the others, but who are you?”

 And closing his eyes, trying to get any memory of a man named Yamapi, his headache went worse, he squeezed in pain.

“Calm down…I’m calling a doctor.” Murmured Yamapi in a shaking voice.


“They said he should remember you bit by bit, it happens sometimes, that somebody who got hurt in his head forgets important details of his life.” Shige said, trying to cheer Yamapi, obviously failing.

“I know. Shige I’m fine.” Said Yamapi, sounding dead, looking dead. He haven’t slept, haven’t eaten and hardly drank for the last 24 hours, ever since Keiichiro was woke up, he could as well be a puppet and you wouldn’t notice.

“Okay, I know you don’t want me to do this, but if you don’t fucking get over yourself Pi, I’m calling Jin, YES Jin, and I’M calling him. So you’d better take your fucking skinny ass and eat something before you disappear and this way Koyama will NEVER remember you, okay?!” It was Ryo, and he was pissed, which wasn’t a good thing. As Yamapi didn’t even bother responding, he furiously muttered a curse to himself and took out his phone “I’m calling him Pi.” He said before looking up “Bakanishi” in his cellphone’s phone book.


Keiichiro listened to them through the door, knowing Ryo was furious, knowing Shige was worried as hell, knowing the stranger, who seemed to be, well, not really a stranger, was upset, very upset.

Have he done something wrong? He wondered to himself as he heard another voice, familiar as well, Akanishi Jin, from KAT-TUN, right?

“Pi, come on already…errr…do you guys mind if we talk alone for one minute?” Asked Jin, Shige grabbed Ryo by wrist, which was unusual enough to things to be very serious.

“Pi, look, I know what you feel okay? I’m not that stupid. But I also know that starving and drying yourself to death isn’t going to help you either, alright? It’ll work out somehow, he will eventually remember you…it’s only a matter of time Pi…trust me, okay?” Jin looked at his friend, there were very two people in the world he would look at them like this when they were hurt, the first would be Kame, because he was in love with him, the second would be Yamapi, because it was his best friend.

“I’m your best friend too, remember? I have to help you sometimes too.” He said, hoping he touched something in Yamapi that would make him listen.

“I…” And Yamapi broke to tears “I just…can’t believe he forgot me Jin…and after we fought…that stupid damn fight…I didn’t want it to happen…I couldn’t even tell him how sorry I am…” He cried, Jin sighed, hugging and comforting his best friend “Come on…let’s go to a place where you could rest a bit, okay?” Yamapi nodded, he was shaking, and Jin had to help him as they walked, because the other attempted to fall with every step he did.


Were we that close? Keiichiro closed his eyes, trying his hardest to remember again, his headache went worse again, but he didn’t want to give up, he kept trying until he couldn’t bear this headache anymore, he screamed, tears dropping non-stop, the pain was unbearable but one thing he knew, he saw that man’s face, and he was smiling at him, not saying anything, not doing anything, but smiling. He still didn’t know who was he, but he knew he wasn’t just another guy. Keiichiro fell onto the floor, holding his head, trying to overcome the pain, as the door was opened.

“Koyama? I thought I heard a – KOYAMA! What are you doing on the floor?” Asked Jin

“I…uh…it’s nothing…” He murmured, trying to smile, but his head hurt too much even to fake a slight smile, Yamapi was holding onto the wall behind Jin, eyes swollen from crying filling with tears once again.

Jin helped Keiichiro stand and get back to his bed “Are you okay?” He asked, Keiichiro nodded slightly, trying not to move his head too much.

Jin turned back to Yamapi, who was leaning on the wall “Pi, what’s wrong?”

“I’m…fine…” But the other moment he fainted “Oi Pi!” Jin caught him “There’s an empty bed here…put him there and call a doctor.” Said Keiichiro, the KAT-TUN member didn’t need to be told twice.


Okay, it has been awhile since i wrote multi-chaptered fanfic so...yeah X"D chapter 2 is already in progress o-o''

comments are love as always~<333 -let nana know what you think!^^-


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